Chiropractic in Sports

Do we ever hear much about it? Chances are you probably didn’t know how important Chiropractic is in sports, the benefits it has on performance, recovery and injury management and prevention. Today we’re going to talk about just that; what are the benefits and why is it important as an athlete to have a Chiropractor on your side!

Lets firstly look at some examples of athlete’s who do use a Chiropractor. This list will be limited to the biggest names otherwise we could be here for a long time..

Chiropractic in SportsUsain Bolt
The Late, Great Kobe Bryant
Michael Jordan
Tiger Woods
Lance Armstrong
Aaron Rogers
Evander Holyfield
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Michael Phelps
Derrick Rose
Do we need to keep going …

  • All 32 NFL teams in the USA have a Chiropractor on their medical staff
  • Majority of NBA teams have a Chiropractor on their medical staff
  • All of the top athletes in the world get regular forms of treatment and therapy to keep their body optimally
    tuned and performing at their best!

Chiropractic is greatly beneficial for:

  • Injuries & Performance
  • Balance & Coordination
  • Injury Prevention and management
  • Rehabilitation & Exercises
  • Muscles & Joints
  • Spinal
  • Mobility & Flexibility

Chiropractic adjustments effectively fine tune and optimise your nervous system function.

Adjustments provide rich nervous system input to the brain which helps the body improve and increase its awareness in space. This in turn leads to better coordinated movements, better reciprocation and feedback, improved balance and hence these qualities lead to decreased injuries, decreased stress and pressure on joints, tendons and ligaments and improved force output.

Our spines are constantly used in sports, and training. Explosive movements, to quick turns and rotations. Nerve impulses shoot up and down our spine at 400km per second to carry out movements, reactions and stabilise joints. It is this very reason our spines need to be mobile, individual joints need to move without stress and pressure in order for the whole spine globally to move and respond well.

Our bodies are not designed to go through such torment the way we do in sports and training, it’s essential for the longevity of the body and performance that Chiropractic Adjustments are utilised in conjunction with physical therapies, rehab, and training.

Did you know that a lower back manipulation can add up to 30% more strength or the equivalent of up to 3 weeks doing gym workouts? (Haavik)

Do I need to be injured to see a Chiropractor? The simple answer is NO!

Anyone can see a Chiropractor at any time and this is because our nervous system constantly needs to be tuned and improved, there are always joints and muscles that are in a state of imbalance. Restricted joints, trigger points in muscles that are building up, yet you do not feel them. One of the big misconceptions is that you need to feel pain in order to get something done, if I’m not in pain then I must be ok…

Pain is one of the last things to occur when it comes to symptoms. It’s a build up over time that the body constantly compensates for until it reaches a point of stress that fires off pain receptors. As an athlete you want to avoid this, and the reason is because by the time you feel pain it’s already too late. Inflammation has set in, muscle fibres/ligaments are stressed etc. This is why it’s important to keep on top of your body.

At Tarneit Chiropractic & Sports Clinic, we take a wholistic approach to care. The combination of remedial massage, rehabilitation & exercise prescription along with adjustments lead to better outcomes. We take a thorough approach to make sure the correct treatments are being implemented and use honesty and integrity in making sure YOU are the priority.

If you’re an athlete, get in touch. Don’t wait or put it off any longer.

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