Wash your hands regularly throughout the day especially before eating, touching public places and after coughing/sneezing

Alcohol based sanitiser is important to kill germs and avoid spreading it to others

Cough/sneeze into your elbow, hand or a tissue. Wash hands and dispose of tissue correctly 

Maintain 1.5 metre distance, avoid large gatherings, avoid hand shakes and unnecessary public contact 

If you are unwell, isolate and avoid spreading it to others. Practice safe hygiene. You don't know how much it could impact someone

Get your information from reliable sources and follow the instructions as recommneded 


Tarneit Chiropractic & Sports Clinic is taking important and necessary hygiene measures to ensure a SAFE, HEALTHY & HYGIENIC environment.

85% of cases are mild,  15% are moderate, 5% are severe

Groups most prone are elderly, high BP, diabetes, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, low immunity

Spread is via DROPLETS (saliva)

Droplets can travel up to 1 metre in the air

Droplets can be inhaled by others, or caught on a surface and then the individual touches their FACE (do not touch your face)

Anti-biotics do not work for COVID-19 (or any virus)

Weather or temperature DOES NOT impact COVID-19

Wear a mask

Wash your hands regularly and use alcohol based hand rub

Do not touch your face without washing your hands

Sneeze/cough into a tissue, your elbow or elbow and clean/dispose afterwards

If you are sick (any kind of illness), STAY HOME. Infections of any nature stress the immune system inherently making your more vulnerable. Avoid spreading to others, especially more prone individuals!

If you are unwell, self iso-late, maintain social distance (1.5 metres) and practice good hygiene.

Eat well, sleep well, exercise!

CO = Corona VI = Virus D = Disease 19 = 2019 origin

To all our members:- Please wear a mask when you attend, and sanitise your hands upon entry and exit. Please wear a face mask Where possible, please attend your appointment alone to minimise numbers in clinic. 


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