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Hi, and welcome to our first blog post! 

Here I’m going to writing about why I created Tarneit Chiropractic & Sports Clinic (TCSC), and the journey I took going from just a thought in my mind in January, 2018 to opening the doors in September, 2019. 

Tarneit Chiropractic Story ...There’s truth in the saying that nothing beats experience. Having worked in a few clinics since graduating in 2015, there’s a lot I learnt about things I liked, but more importantly things I didn’t and that was essentially the foundation of Tarneit Chiropractic & Sports Clinic. The way I knew worked best, for me and patients I saw. 

It’s always a daunting thought of creating a business from scratch, starting it up on your own and thinking where do I even start? What’s next? Am I doing it right? Some questions many of us have likely asked ourselves at some point with any venture we take solo. It was never going to be an easy task, and on the contrary, 2017 and prior I was sure I didn’t want to own my own business/clinic for at least 10 years. How things change in only weeks or months… 

So January, 2018 rolls around. With time between my appointments at the clinic I was working for at that point, I would take off for walks to  freshen my mind, think about what can I do different, how can I be better or make this situation better. And time, and time again I would get thoughts of how I would operate my own clinic, what would I do differently? They were thoughts that would simply come to me, day in, day out. I couldn’t ignore these thoughts any longer. Something was telling me, it’s time.. But how? What do I do first? 

It just happened so my role at this clinic came to an end in March, 2018 and ever so quickly a new opportunity to work in Gippsland arose. What a new experience that would be! At this point between organising my next role, I had decided where I would open TCSC. I wanted to be local, central in Tarneit. Be the local, trusted Tarneit Chiropractor. 

A plan was formulated, draftsman consulted and plans submitted to be reviewed and passed. 

Fast forward to February, 2019. The plans are approved (after quite some time and an initial rejection) but all in all, a big sigh of relief! It was time to begin! 

Tarneit Chiropractic Story ...There’s something about doing it yourself that achieves a level of satisfaction, and that’s exactly what we did. A friend of mine (carpenter) and I set out to renovate the clinic ourselves! It was weekend work whilst we were both busy in our regular jobs, and so it was over months that we built the foundations of the flooring, bulk heads over the roller doors, plastering and painting of the walls (my wife helped in the painting side). I lay down the carpet and floating floorboards whilst we had professionals instal the glass doors and A/C unit.  

There were definitely some big days, some hurdles along the way but none that were going to stop this dream and thought. We set out with a goal and target, and in September 2019 we completed the renovation! 

On September 11th, 2019 Tarneit Chiropractic & Sports Clinic was officially opened to public and so it began, from a thought to the end product!

Tarneit Chiropractic Story ...


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