My Personal Chiropractic Journey…

Welcome to blog post #2 .. My personal chiropractic journey.

I’m going to talk about what my first chiropractic  experience was, the impact it had on me and what ultimately made me decide to pursue it as a career.

The year may have been 2005 or 2006 from memory. I was competitively playing basketball for Altona Gators rep program and also playing for Point Cook in the WRFL. I remember a friend/team mate of mine telling me about a Chiropractor he goes to see and that I should also look into him to see if he can help me get better, and work through some injuries.

Around this time, my mother also was experiencing some pain shooting down her right arm, she decided to go and make an appointment. I won’t name the chiropractor for confidentiality reasons but after some visits she noticed significant relief and eventually a resolution of her symptoms. No medications, no surgery and she was sold on the idea of chiropractic.

She took me down to get checked out, and I can’t remember what exactly I went in for (it’s been almost 15 years) but one thing I do remember was that I felt great every time I walked out and great for a while after that too.


It came to 2009 now, I was in year 12 and also starting my first year playing BIGV basketball for Altona Gators. As players we’re required to find a sponsor and my first thought was to ask my chiropractor if he could help me out and in return his business would be featured. He decided rather than financially sponsor me, he will give me complimentary treatment through the season…

…and thank goodness for that because I can’t begin to tell you how it improved my performance on court, minimise injuries, improve my physical performance and what I could get out of my body. I would see him every 2-3 weeks whilst I was training and playing 3-4 times a week. (note – everyone responds differently to care and schedules are tailored to individuals, this was my experience of how my body responded).

Whilst going through year 12 I always knew I wanted to do something in health and sport. I just wasn’t a desk guy (and for good reason because by now I’m sure my posture would be terrible sitting at a desk every day). Late towards the year I decided I would apply to become a Chiropractor!

But it was too late, I hadn’t studied Chemistry which was a pre-requirement for the course, and hence I wasn’f offered a position! 🙁

Immediately we organised to do a Chemistry bridging course at La Trobe university over the summer. I literally started this course a week or two after finishing my year 12 exams and so my routine would be for the next few months going to La Trobe twice a week and learning year 12/1st year university level chemistry with no prior knowledge of it..

Can’t say it was easy

On a plus however I did get into Health Sciences at La Trobe, and so my course began, but I knew I was only doing this because I wanted to transfer into Chiropractic the year after. I was told by the Chiropractic department at RMIT I had to average a High Distinction (HD) over all or most of my subjects for the year.. and that I did!

~ 2011

First year Chiropractic at university. I made it but it was only the beginning of a long, heavy 5 year course!!

Years went on and it felt like it would never end, my friends were graduating and working and here I was … 4 years to go, 3 years to go, 2 years to go …

I can say now having been graduated for just over 4 years now, that it was well worth it. I love what I do and have actually been able to now sponsor a young basketball player playing BIGV while now owning and operating my own clinic. The nostalgia of doing so is very real and a rewarding feeling of giving that opportunity back that I received over 10 years ago.

All I can say is follow your dreams, be patient, and enjoy the journey as the end destination is only an illusion we think we’ll get to someday.

Until next time,

– Param



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