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Are you a sportsperson dealing with injuries or looking to take your performance to the next level? We have you covered. We are a dedicated sports injury clinic in Hoppers Crossing that offers a wealth of services involving physical therapy and Chiropractic to Melbourne residents and surrounding areas.

Tarneit Chiro and Sports Clinic strives to offer fully-tailored and high-quality comprehensive care to help you treat a number of sports-related injuries and concerns. Whether you’re an athlete, a biker, or a regular fitness enthusiast dealing with pain, we can help patients of all ages and sports backgrounds! Get back the active lifestyle you always wanted, and connect with us today.

Chiropractors with a sports focused approach possess in-depth knowledge in treating pain and injury specific to sports and movement. They have a great understanding of the way an athletes body functions and may promptly diagnose issues to offer a solution for recovery and return to sport. The earlier you seek treatment for injuries, the better your outcome! 

Aside from treatment, a sports focused chiropractor can provide various exercises, rehabilitation, and management strategies to help you maintain great physical condition for return to your sport or to keep you functioning at a high level.

Tarneit Chiro and Sports Clinic prides itself on end-to-end sports injuries and chiropractic care. We help amateurs and professionals overcome pain and optimise their stability, strength, and optimal Musculo-skeletal function so they stay at the top of their game.

We have extensive knowledge in the realm of injuries, physiology, anatomy and rehabilitation to provide optimal treatment for an effective recovery.

We treat sportspeople participating in a number of sports including but not limited to basketball, soccer, cricket, hockey, martial arts, cycling, running, and more.

Over the years, Tarneit Chiro and Sports Clinic has earned a reputation in Melbourne for its holistic, multidisciplinary, and purpose-driven approach toward sports therapy. We personalise every aspect of your treatment and utilise innovative techniques to get you back on track quicker and healthier.

We work closely with you, intently listen to your issues, and address your specific needs at all times. Since we utilise a one-to-one methodology for treatment you can rest assured knowing your health is in good hands.

From comprehensive assessments to physical therapy, personalised massage therapy and Chiropractic, Tarneit Chiro and Sports Clinic offers a wealth of services to help you maximise function.

Each of our services serve a holistic purpose in minimising pain and intend to leave a positive impact on your body’s neuro-musculo-skeletal functioning and overall well-being.

Some of our services for sports focused chiropractic care include:

● Sports injury assessments and history

● Spinal manipulation

● Low force Chiropractic techniques 

● Soft tissue therapy

● Corrective exercises and rehabilitation

● Lifestyle advice

Are you experiencing pain from your sports injury? We can help, and if we can’t we’ll help point you in the right direction. Feel free to get in touch with us online or call! 

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